Enabling Ongoingness

“The ‘oldest old’ are the fastest growing age group in the UK and a grand societal challenge we face is that the nature of growing older and end of life is changing … people in this period of life are seldom included in research, but have a unique voice around critical societal challenges and could be sensitively and meaningfully included into research in order to give them a voice in the reimagining of digital media to support sense of self for the older old … we are living in a new digital age, each gathering a digital trail of media and personal data as we live: photographs, videos, blog posts, forum comments, Facebook conversations, tweets, music preferences etc. Whether these are created by us or by others about us there is a vast and rich wealth of digital media that could be leveraged and reappropriated to reflect positive things back to us in new ways – about ourselves and our connectedness with others. The concept of ongoingness is something we see as valuable for the development of new tools and systems for the configuration of metadata in new ways. Ongoingness suggests that all stages of our lives are connected and continuing, which gives us ways to think about what digital media creation and consumption practices could be that draw on the repository of media connected to us in challenging contexts. It also gives us the ability to consider how digital technologies could be developed in acknowledgement that people need to maintain a form of connectedness to a dead loved one in bereavement.”

For more, see: http://enablingongoingness.com/