Launchspot x Create4Dementia was an online community commissioning process where people with dementia and their carers were invited to use the platform to propose and co-design technologies that they think would make a difference in their lives.

The winning technology (voted by public and judges) was Family Connections, proposed by Ali, whose mother was then living with dementia:

“… it came to mind when I was visiting my mum, who has vascular dementia, last week. I’d mentioned I was going to see her in a Facebook status and members of the wider family messaged me to pass on their love, etc. I passed their messages on to my mum, but she couldn’t remember her nieces, or who they were connected to. Thankfully a couple of them had posted pictures of their dads, her brothers. My mum recognised them and I was able to talk about who had sent their love. And that got me thinking, that if there was a way of connecting pictures together like a family tree to show people who haven’t got recent memory/recollection then that could be really helpful for them and for family members.”

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