Swaytheband – a set of digital musical instruments to facilitate collective music-making & dance for people with dementia living in care, designed through a three-year ethography.

Care & Connect – a place-making app intended to rate dementia-friendly places.

Launchspot – a community-driven technology commissioning platform.

VR media design in dementia – a project exploring the wishes and preferences of people with dementia and their carers for recreational virtual reality applications.

Ticket to Talk – an app which creates personalised ‘playlists’ of conversation topics and media for people with dementia and their carers.

Printer Pals – a 3D printed device that allows gently challenging quizzes and other games based on local memories for people with dementia living in care.

Enabling Ongoingness: a £1 million project funding by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, focusing on the sensitive design of connected objects for end of life.

Her Story Told – exploring the possibilities for digital story-telling to facilitate understanding and activism during the campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment in Ireland.

Myto – a distributed set of design events aimed at engaging people all over Europe in the co-design of new technologies to address challenges in their lives.

Exploring personalised media for families living with dementia – developing media kits for families living with dementia in order to capture and remember important and enjoyable ‘days out’.

DemVR – a design event aimed at educating designers about dementia, and innovating new and sensitive directions for virtual reality in dementia.

Keeping cool with hot flushes – designing drug-free solutions to target hot flushes for women undergoing the menopause.