“Swaytheband was designed to encourage participants to sway or otherwise move to music … by illustrating a song’s tempo using a series of sequenced (gentle) coloured light flashes to correspond to changes in beat. Each participant is invited to hold a PlayStation Move controller (or baton). During a song the band members hold the controller as the LED light at its top changes colour in time to the beat of the music. The controllers are connected to a central computer via Bluetooth (using the PS Move API), with the computer dictating the colour and timing. This configuration is able to support up to eight participants with the computer being additionally responsible for playing the music… 

We decided to test this with the lead researcher and another participant … Both held the batons while listening to a song the researchers knew that Maud enjoyed (a traditional song, Báidín Fheilimí). Slowly, the lead researcher began to move the SwaytheBand batons in time to the beat of the music, and Maud soon followed suit, her eyes fixed on the soft glow of the baton, closing occasionally before opening again. As the song finished, the lead researcher finished with a gentle flourish, and Maud followed, slowly extending the baton in the same direction and smiling softly. ‘Is rud iontach é sin’ (it’s a wonderful thing), she said afterwards.” 

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